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About the Marana foundation

Incorporated in 1992, the Marana Foundation For Educational Excellence consists of a group of parents, businesses and other interested community members who have joined together to support students in the greater Marana Community and efforts to provide the very best education possible for all students. We ask your support of this effort through your membership in our organization.  

The Marana Foundation seeks to involve our entire community in the enrichment of student learning opportunities in the greater Marana Community.  The Foundation engages in many types of activities including the funding of mini-grants to supplement, support, and enhance educational programs and services for students in the greater Marana Community. 

Board of Directors

Marana Foundation
Happy Healthy children

Our vision is. . .

Creating excitement in education through dynamic partnerships.

Our mission is. . .

To develop community partnerships for educational excellence to fund, support and enhance innovative educational programs.